Welcome to Mind Over Mood Counseling!

A Cloudy Day

Congratulations on your decision to make yourself a priority! You are taking important steps towards dealing with and understanding your inner word.

This is crucial in your ability to live a life with less stress, worries, and regrets. If you are struggling with emotional and physical pain and have tried a number of solutions that have not been helpful, then mindfulness based cognitive therapy may be the solution for you.

In therapy you can learn a variety of mindfulness and behavioral practices that will help you to reduce your suffering and live a more vibrant life. If you feel as though you are encountering barriers to living the life you want, then you can learn to let go of and stay out of old patterns of negative thinking and behavior.

Through this process you might start to see new opportunities that had been unclear before. Also, you may find strengths you probably didn’t know you had. In our work together, we will emphasize the present, and in the present there is always hope for change.

In addition, you might find that your negative thoughts decrease in power and your moods become more manageable.